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We are excited to begin programs once again. However, the process and the classroom seating will be a little different for the foreseeable future. Classrooms will be limited to 9 students at this time.

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May 27 - Nature Investigators

What’s not to love about nature? Learn about animals and plants that live around this area and different aspects of nature this week in our classroom and around our site.  


May 29 - Moon Walk

Mons Huygens is the tallest mountain on the moon, which is 2.92 miles high. What other features does the moon have? Join us to learn about our amazing moon. 


June 1 - The Gene Scene

Genetics are fascinating and determine traits such as the color of your hair, how tall you are and the color of your eyes.  Dive into the gene pool with us and discover the world of genetics.


June 3 - Once Upon A Challenge

Join us for some great stem challenges! Students will be given challenges with various supplies.


June 5 - Plant Science

How do plants make their own food? Can plants have special adaptations? Learn about photosynthesis and all the amazing qualities of plants.


June 8 - Animal Adaptations

From camouflage to mimicry, learn about different what different adaptations animals have to survive. 


June 10 - Creepy Crawlers

How do sidewinders move? How many hearts does a worm have? Join to us learn about some of these creepy crawlers and more.


June 12 - Wacky Weather

Tornadoes, auroras, lightning, and rainbows are just a few interesting, wacky weather events that make people stop in awe. Come learn the science behind a few of the wackiest weather phenomena!


Time: 9am-12pm

Cost:  $15


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