Frequently Asked Questions

1. I am registering two children for camp. Do I need to fill out a  separate  registration form for both children?
Yes. In order to keep the information about each camper separate, each child you register will need to have a  separate  registration  form. 

2. I am registering my child for more than one session of camp. Do I need to fill out a separate registration form for each camp?
No. You will only need to fill out one registration form for your child. Under the camp sessions option you will select all of the camps you wish to register your child for. 

3. I am registering my child for more than one session of camp. Does the discount apply to just one session of camp or both sessions?
The discount will apply to the second session that you register for. The first session will be the full price. The second session will be at the discounted price. Any additional sessions you register for will also qualify for the discount.

4. I am registering more than one child for camp. Does the discount apply to both children?
No. The discount only applies to one child's registration. The first child's registration that you complete will be full price. Any additional children you add after the first child will be at the discounted price. 

5. I registered my child for Camp Sturgeon but he/she can no longer attend. What is your policy for cancelling registration?
You can cancel up to three weeks before the start of the program. Refunds are available up to  three weeks  prior to the start date of the program barring a $50 non-refundable processing fee. If you cancel after the  three weeks  prior to the start date, you will not receive a refund. 

6. My child is attending more than one camp. Will he/she receive more than one t-shirt?
Yes. Each student will receive one t-shirt for every camp session they attend. If they attend two camp sessions they will be receiving two camp t-shirts.

7. What do I need to bring with my child to camp each day?
Each day your child will need to bring a snack, lunch, sunscreen, bug spray, and a water bottle. We will spend time outside each day during the camp session. 

8. What are the qualifications for your staff that teach Camp Sturgeon?
All of the educators that teach at Camp Sturgeon either have a science and/or teaching degree or are in the process of acquiring that degree.  All full time staff are  CPR, First Aid, and AED for both infants and adults.   Additional qualification:  A passion for getting children excited about Science & Nature through exciting, hands-on activities!

9. It says that my child will be canoeing on the New River. What kind of safety precautions will be taken?
There will be a safety boat in the water monitoring the canoes at all times. All people on the safety boat are lifeguard and water safety certified. An adult will be present in each of the canoes. Campers will also be wearing life jackets at all times. All of our canoes are routinely inspected by the Coast Guard Auxiliary. 

10. Why can I not pay for my child's camp online?
Online payment is still an option with the "Invoice me online" request. Once the Program Coordinator has received your online registration form she will email you an invoice that can be paid online via paypal. 
**Note: You do NOT need a paypal account to pay through paypal.

11. Why have you changed the online payment system?
Given the many options and discounts for our camps, we have changed the online payment process to avoid confusion. Once the Program Coordinator receives your online registration form she will email you an invoice that can be paid online  via paypal. 
**Note: You do NOT need a paypal account to pay through paypal.

12. My child just finished their 5th grade year. Do I sign them up for the elementary or middle school session?
You would register your child for the middle school session since they are a rising 6th grader.

13. My child attend camp last year. If he/she comes this  year will they do the same activities?
No. While the camp titles stay the same the activities will be different.

14. Why are you not offering extended hours this summer?
Based on participation numbers the previous year we could not justify running extended hours. However, we have extended camp by an hour to help parents who need longer camp times. 

15. My child is attending the Nature Investigators camp out. Can I attend the camp out with him/her?
Parents may arrive at 5pm and have dinner with their child stay until 7pm the night of the camp out. However, they must leave at that time. They cannot stay the night with their child. Sturgeon City is located near the Jacksonville Police Department and officers will be notified that children are staying on the property at night. The gates to Sturgeon City will also be locked from 5pm-8am on the camp out night. Any more specific questions regarding camp out please contact the Program Coordinator at (910) 938-5079 or 


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