High School Field Trips

High School Field Trips

Station Information

Each station listed is 30 minutes long. Lunch can be added to the middle of your field trip, adding an additional 30 minutes to your overall time. You can also choose to eat on-site after your field trip or off-site, which will not add additional time to your program. Contact the Program Coordinator at (910) 938-5079 or programming@sturgeoncity.org with questions.



Earth and Environmental Science


Physical Science


Click on the PDF below to see station descriptions.

Customized Field Trip

You can customize a field trip for any grade level. Please give the Program Coordinator one month's notice. Please include all topics you would like covered.

Ready to Register?

1.  Check availability for the days you are interested in by checking the Sturgeon City Field Trip Calendar below. Any dates that are blank are available for a field trip.

2.  Fill out a Sturgeon City Registration Form using the DOCX or PDF below and submit it by email to programming@sturgeoncity.org of fax (910) 938-0053. Should you have issues with the file please contact the Program Coordinator.






As soon as your registration form is completed, a member of the Sturgeon City staff will contact you to confirm your booking.