Little Learners

Little Learners is  a once a month one-hour science program on Tuesdays for preschool age students, aged 3-5 years old. Parents are able to stay and participate with their child or they can drop off their child for the program. Dates and general information are listed below. Click the "purchase tickets here" button at the bottom of the page to reserve your spot! Should you have specific questions, please call (910) 938-5079 or

*Pre-registration/payment is required


August 18 - Animal Senses

Can you tell what something is just by hearing it and not seeing it? Explore animal senses with us!

September 15 - Lab Rats

Do you love doing experiments as much as we do? Come learn about some reactions while doing some experiments.

October 20 - Creatures of the Night

What does nocturnal mean? Learn about nocturnal animals and special adaptations they have.

November 17 - Birds of a Feather

We have many different kinds of birds living in eastern NC. Join us to learn about a few of them and how birds fly!

December 15 - Arctic Blast

It's winter! In some places, it's much colder, like the Arctic. Animals have special adaptations to live in this environment. Come learn about them and about snow!

January 19 - Rock and Roll

Students will learn what geology is and where rocks come from. We will also make a volcano and watch it erupt!

February 16 - Ocean Commotion

Who loves the ocean? We will teach students about the oceans, where they are and what lives in them.

March 16 - Life Cycles

Spring is upon us! Discover how different animals go through their life cycles such as butterflies, frogs and sea turtles.

April 20 - Earth Day

What is Earth Day? Is it the same every year? Join us to learn about Earth Day and participate in some Earth Day activities!

May 18 - Wonderful Wetlands

What are wetlands? Take a wetland walk around our site, collect some water and loot at microscopic creatures in the water.

June 15 - Space Travel

How many planets are in our solar system? Learn about out planets, what the sun is made out of, and what constellations are.

July 20 - Super Shells

What animals use a shell as a home? How do they grow out of them and what's that called? Learn about crabs, hermit crabs, turtles and more!

Location: Sturgeon City

50 Court St

Jacksonville, NC 28540

Time: 10am-11am

Cost:  $5

(plus processing fee when paying online)



50 Court St, Jacksonville, NC 28540, USA


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