Kid's Night Out

Come drop off the kids and enjoy a night out while your children enjoy pizza and a science program!

The recommended age for this program is 5-12 years old. If you have students outside of this age range and are unsure about registering, please contact us at (910) 938-5079 or

We are following the policies and protocols from Onslow County Schools for our programs. The following will be implemented for all program participants:

  • For drop-off and check-out, parents will form a car-rider line at the end of the breezeway. Staff will be outside during this time. Parents are not allowed in the building with students.

  • Temperatures will be taken at drop-off.

  • Students will be seated at individual tables and socially distanced with their own supplies. 

  • Masks will be required for ALL students and staff. If outside, a break can be given from wearing a mask. If your child has an exception, please notify a staff member prior to the program starting. 

Upcoming Dates

December 11 - Fire and Ice

Break the ice with some frosty science and then warm up as the weather cools down with these fiery experiments. Build an instant ice castle, explore what happens when you apply heat to different chemicals and materials, and enjoy a tasty treat of your own creation.

January 8 - Fantastic Fossils

Prehistoric creatures may have lived long ago but it doesn’t mean that they’re not still around. Learn about the bones and teeth of ancient animals and then make some fossils of your own. 


February 12 - You’re Out of This World

February means that love is in the air, but so are airplanes, birds, and rockets. How do they stay aloft? Come learn about the different ways to take flight and explore our atmosphere. What will you make tonight that can fly?


Sunday February 14 - Heart-Stopping Biology

Roses are red, lobster blood is blue, the heart powers our body, is that something you knew? Join us for a special program to learn about the different circulatory systems of the animal kingdom and why the heart is so important.  


March 12 - Science of Magic

Magic can amaze and astound the senses, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Join us in practicing some magic tricks and learn the forces behind why they work. 

April 9 - Powerful Pollinators

Spring is in the air and so is pollen. Learn about our local flora and fauna and how plants and animals work together. Plant some seeds, explore the wetlands, and discover the world blooming around us.


May 14 - Unnatural Disasters

Where do volcanoes come from and what can they do? What effect does an earthquake have on land and homes? Come enjoy an evening of investigating these natural disasters and more from the safety of a science lab.

General Information


Duration: 5:30pm-8:30pm

Monthly Session Cost: $15 per session

You will be invoiced through Square once your registration form is processed.

Ready to Register?


Fill out the online registration form. You will be invoiced through Square once your registration form is received.

Phone or Email

Contact the Program Coordinator at (910) 938-5079 or You will be invoiced through Square once your registration form is received.

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