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We provide 1 to 2 hour field trips over the summer. Pick from the stations below or call to learn more about our popular summer field trip stations.


Sturgeon City operates out of the former wastewater treatment facility for Jacksonville. Our new Environmental Education Center is open for the upcoming school year! We will be running field trips out of this building when the weather is rainy, cold or if we need more indoor space. We are now able to accommodate groups of up to 150!

  • We recommend arriving 5-10 minutes before your start time to allow for unloading and getting into groups.
  • Upon arrival you will be instructed to divide into groups as well as turn in payment for students as well as chaperones. Once you are unloaded you will given information on rotations and schedules. If you would like this before please let the Program Coordinator know.

Students will rotate through rotations pre-selected by teachers. Stations are 30 minutes long each.

Lunch Time

There are different options for lunch: eating during the field trip, eating after the field trip or eating off-site.

  • Offsite: This option means that you will not be eating at Sturgeon City.
  • During: If you choose to eat during your field trip you will be eating in the middle of the field trip after your second or third rotation depending on station selection. This will not add time to your field trip but will substitute for one of your stations.
  • After: You can choose to eat lunch after your field trip. This will be on your own time and not included in the field trip time.
  • At Sturgeon City - We have a selection of picnic tables outside but you will need to split into classes as they are not together. We have indoor space that can accommodate everyone as long as the building isn't booked directly after your field trip.


Our programs occur both indoors and outside. We try to stay outdoors as much as possible, even in the rain, as long as it is safe and the children are prepared. The way a student is dressed can affect how much he or she enjoys the trip to Sturgeon City. Sturdy footwear is important. Please urge your students to dress for the weather in the days leading up to your visit.

  • If unexpected severe weather occurs during your visit, forcing it to be shortened to less than 60 minutes, the organization will be allowed to schedule a new, free field trip for the same number of students on an alternate date
  • If unexpected severe weather occurs before your field trip, Sturgeon City reserves the right to cancel or reschedule your field trip.


Chaperones are welcome by must pay the admission fee of $5. Please be aware that space may be limited and seating may not be available.

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