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Homeschool Science

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Weekly on Tuesdays| 12:00PM - 3:00PM
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Registration is open for Homeschool Science for the 2022 to 2023 year!


-This is a drop-off program. Pre-registration is required. Classes will be capped at 30 students for each age group. No walk-ins will be accepted.

-A square invoice will be sent to your email as soon as possible.

Class Groups

-4-7 yrs
-8-11 yrs
-12-17 yrs

-If you feel like your child would benefit from being in a different age group, please speak with a staff member.

Preparing for Class

-Classrooms will be nut free.

-Bringing a water bottle is recommended. We have a refill station on site for students to use.

-There is no set snack time but snacks can be brought and eaten in the classroom.

-We often venture outside to the park onsite, please dress for the weather.


September 20 - Investigating Insects (Life Science/Zoology)

Insects may seem annoying, but they play a crucial role for life on earth. Let’s investigate to see why insects are actually really cool! 

September 27 - Up and Away (Physical Science & Engineering)

How are humans able to take flight without feathers? Today we discuss the discoveries about flight and learn hands-on the engineering processes that allow us to go up, up, and away! 

October 4 - Constant Currents (Earth Science)

The oceans move and flow endlessly, but what do these currents do? What causes this constant movement? We will learn all about how the ocean currents have an effect on life on earth. 

October 11 - Awesome Adaptations (Life Science/Ecology)

Our planet is home to a diverse population of animals - but how do these differences help animals survive? Today we will look at the different animal adaptations that help different species thrive in their environments. 

October 18 - Creepy Crawlers (Life Science/Zoology)

They creep, they crawl, they slither…this week we will learn all about our creepy crawly creature friends! 

October 25 - Silly Skeletons (Life Science/Anatomy)

How many bones do we have? Do all animals have a skeleton? What’s the difference between a vertebrate and an invertebrate? Join us as we explore these questions and more while learning all about bones! 

November 1 - Birds of a Feather (Life Science/Zoology)

Tweet, chirp, fly, and slide - today is for the birds! 

November 8 - Working Together: The Five Senses (Life Science/Biology)

What are the five senses? How do they work together? 

November 15 - Under the Microscope (Life Science/Biology)

Plants and Animals are made up of billions of tiny cells. Today, we will take a peek into these microscopic building blocks of life. 

November 22 - From Seed to Pie (Life Science/Biology)

This week is all about plant life cycles using - pumpkins! From their humble beginnings to how they are incorporated into our lives, pumpkins are amazing! 

November 29 - Chemical Concoctions (Physical Science/Chemistry)

Let’s see what chemical reactions we can observe and create in our exploration of chemistry.

December 6 - STEM Challenges (Engineering)

Today we will use our imaginations and engineering smarts to conquer STEM challenges.

December 13 - DNA Detective (Life Science/Biology)

Nearly all living organisms contain DNA, which is the genetic information that tells us what something is. It’s what makes us the way we are. Today we explore how DNA literally shapes life on Earth! 

December 20 - Flurries and Flakes (Physical Science/Chemistry)

Water is amazing in all its forms! This week, let’s explore the science behind snow and ice!

January 3 - Under Pressure (Physical Science/Physics)

Push and pull your way through today’s exploration of physics.

January 10 - Where’s the Water? (Earth Science)

About 71% of the Earth is water, but not all of it is in the oceans. The water cycle is what moves water around the world and is an integral part of life on Earth!

January 17 - Rockin’ Rockets (Physical Science & Engineering)

Today we explore the incredible science related to rockets!

January 24 - Digestion in Question (Life Science/Biology)

From the moment we put food in our mouths, a huge process begins! If you can stomach it, join us as we learn all about the digestive processes that work together to nourish our bodies. 

January 31-  Homely Habitats (Life Science/Biology)

A habitat is where living organisms call home. Some plants and animals can thrive in many habitats, while some require very specific habitats. 

February 7 - Buggin’ Out (Life Science/Zoology)

Bugs play an integral role in life on Earth. Today we will explore the wonderful world of bugs and how they have an impact on the world around us. 

February 14 - We Love Science! (General)

Join us as we explore and experiment using our love of science to guide us! 

February 21 - Our Amazing Earth (Earth Science/Geology)

Our planet is in constant motion! Tectonic plates shift and drift to slowly change our world. Join in as we learn about these forces and their impacts on the shape of our beautiful planet. 

February 28 - Look Up! (Earth Science/Astronomy)

Today is all about the night sky as we look up and take a peek into our cosmic neighbors.

March 7 - Pollinator Power (Life Science/Ecology)

Bees, butterflies, and moths are vital to plant growth - but what about bats and birds, and even some mammals? Let’s learn about all the ways these precious pollinators help life on Earth! 

March 14  - Magical March (Engineering)

Science, math, and creativity - this is how you make an engineer! We will use our best engineering minds to create leprechaun traps, learn about rainbows and gold.

March 21 - Spring It On! (Life Science/Biology)

Spring is in the air, and we are going to investigate the seasonal changes happening around us. 

March 28 - Endless Eggs-periments (General)

Eggs are the magic ingredient today for our fun egg-themed experiments.

April 11 - Trash to Treasure (Earth Science/Environmental Science)

All about recycling, repurposing, reusing, and upcycling! 

April 18 - Nurturing Nature (Earth Science/Environmental Science)

Nature nurtures us, but how can we help to nurture nature? This week will look into the science of conservation. 

April 25 - Solar Power (Earth Science)

The sun has amazing power! We will learn how the sun impacts every aspect of life on Earth, and how we may be able to use the power of the sun in our daily lives! 

May 2 - Exploring Ecosystems (Life Science/Ecology)

Animals, plants, landscapes, and weather affect each other in various ways. Today’s topic will explore how these things (and more) work together to create little bubbles of life throughout the world. 

May 9 - Carolina Creatures (Life Science/Zoology)

From the mountains in the west to the coast in the east, North Carolina is home to a wide variety of creatures. Join us as we learn about some of the creatures that we share this land with! 

May 16 - Rivers, Streams, and Tributaries (Earth Science)

Rivers are an important part of life on Earth. This week, we will learn how rivers impact habitats and ecosystems for animals, plants, and humans throughout the world. 

May 23 - Deep Dive (Life Science/Marine Biology)

The oceans are filled with amazing plants and creatures. Let’s do a “deep dive” to see what lurks beneath the surface of our vast oceans. 

May 30 - Our Marvelous Moon (Earth Science/Astronomy) 

The topic today is our beautiful moon! We will learn how the moon impacts life here on Earth.

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