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Kid's Night Out

Program Dates
Monthly on Friday's | 5:30PM-7:30PM
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Registration is open for Kid's Night Out for the 2022 to 2023 year!

Come drop off the kids and enjoy a night out while your children enjoy pizza and a science program! The recommended age for this program is 5-12 years old. Duration of program is 5:30pm-7:30pm.

This is a drop-off program. Pre-registration and payment are required.

Once you register for this program through Google Forms, your child is confirmed! We will send you an invoice through email as soon as possible but you do not need to wait for this email for confirmation. Payments can always be made upon arrival as well.


September 23 - Star Gazing

Look up! We will be exploring the night sky - no space suit required. 

October 14 - Creepy Creatures

Our planet is home to some remarkable animals! Let’s take a look at some of nature’s most bizarre (and creepy) creatures! 

November 11 - Thankful for Reactions

Did you know that cooking and baking are pure science? That’s right - chemistry, to be exact. Let’s learn about the chemical reactions and physical transformations that make delicious feasts possible! 

December 16 - Winter Wonderland

It’s cold outside! Let’s learn about some of the animal adaptations that allow them to thrive in cold environments.

January 13 - Savvy Sharks

Let’s learn about and appreciate some of the coolest creatures of the sea! That’s right - sharks! 

February 10 - Don’t Hug a Hedgehog 

Tonight we will learn about animal defenses and why hugging a hedgehog or snuggling a skunk may not be the best idea. 

March 10 - Icky Sticky Science

Science can be downright messy! Tonight, we will get right into the nitty gritty with some icky sticky science experiments. 

April 14 - Base Camp

Today is all about acids and bases.

May 12 - STEM Challenge

Can you conquer some of these fun STEM challenges?

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