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Summer Field Trip

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Choose from TWO of the many topics listed below.

Don't see a topic you want? Let us know and we will customize a program just for your students! General information is listed below the topics.

Our Backyard

We will learn about all of the plants and animals that live around Sturgeon City. We will even go on a nature walk to  find them! We will also take samples of an aquatic ecosystem and learn what it is and what lives in it using a microscope!

Journey to Outer Space

Come journey to outer space with us and learn about planets, stars and the moon! We will also be playing a movie about telescopes in our mobile planetarium!

Life Cycles

Come learn all about the different life cycles of animals such as a sea turtle. You will even learn about one special animal to Sturgeon City: the oyster!

States of Matter

Do you know what matter is? What about its states? In this exciting, hands-on, and maybe a little messy program we will learn the answer to that and much more!

STEM Challenge

Engineering and robots are all around us! In this program students will try their hand at making circuits and building!

Have an idea for a topic of your own? Let us know and we can customize a program around your topics. Please give a 3 week notice if you plan to do this.

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