Saturday Street Science

The recommended age for this program is 5-12 years old. If you have students outside of this age range and are unsure about registering please contact us at (910) 938-5079 or

Upcoming Dates

November 16: Master Chef

Baking is a science, but that's not all that can be done in the kitchen! It's time to find out what kinds of experiments can be found in your food pantry!

December 21: Fire and Ice

Break the ice with some frosty science and then warm up as the weather cools down with these fiery experiments. Build and ice castle, explore what happens when you apply heat to different chemicals and materials, and enjoy a tasty treat of your own creation.

January 18: Fantastic Fossils

Prehistoric creatures may have lived long ago but it doesn't mean that they're not still around. Learn about the bones and teeth of ancient animals and then make some fossils of your own!

February 15: You're Out of This World

February means love is in the air, but so are airplanes, birds and rockets. How do they stay aloft? Come learn about the different ways to take flight and explore our atmosphere.

March 21: Science of Magic

Magic can amaze and astound the senses, but there is more to it than what meets the eye. Join us in practicing some magic tricks and learn the forces behind why they work.

April 11: Rad Recycling

Use recycled materials to challenge your engineering abilities. Create an arcade out of cardboard, re-purpose aluminum cans, and do your part to help our planet as we celebrate Earth Day early.

May 16: Fantastic Phenomena

Weather is all around us! We experience it every day and sometimes in an unexpected way. It;s time to break out our meteorological instruments and learn about the weather and climate as we know it and the unusual ways it can surprise us!



General Information

Duration:  9am-12pm

Monthly Session Cost: $15 per session

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Students can bring snack but there will be no scheduled snack time.

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