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Feb. 17 - Amazing Amazon

Learn about where the Amazon is and about the creatures that live in this unique habitat.


Feb. 27 - Microscopic World

Learn about the tiny creatures that can’t be seen with our eyes on land and in water.  Also learn about the parts of the microscope and become comfortable using one.


Feb. 28 - Night Flight

Learn about bats and owls, and what makes them so amazing!


March 2 - Biology 101

Learn about biologists and what kinds of jobs they can have. Complete some activities that a biologist would do!


March 20 - Ice Age

What was the world like during the Ice Age? What’s the difference between a woolly mammoth and a mastodon? Learn about these and other creatures that lived during the Miocene period.


April 20 - Creepy Crawlers

How do sidewinders move? How many hearts does a worm have? Join to us learn about some of these creepy crawlers and more.


May 15 - Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt! Follow given clues to navigate through our scavenger hunt, learning about nature on the way.


June 8th - Flippers and Claws

Learn about differences between reptiles and amphibians. Discuss sea turtles and turtles, and what turtles we have native to this area.


June 9th -Ocean Zones

From the sunlight zone to the abyss, there are many different species with their own unique abilities living in each zone. Join us to learn about each zone and who lives in them.


June 10, 11, 12 - Triassic Times (10th) , Jurassic Journey (11th) and Cretaceous Creatures (12th)

Join us to learn about a different time period each day, what the world may have looked like and the creatures that lived during that time.


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