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January 21: Out of This World

Earth is the called the goldilocks planet, learn about why that is and about our other planets as well.


January 22: States of Matter

Let’s talk about states of matter! Learn about the different states of matter and experiment with slime and oobleck.


February 17: Amazing Amazon

Learn about where the Amazon is and about the creatures that live in this unique habitat.


March 16: Ice Age

What was the world like during the Ice Age? What’s the difference between a woolly mammoth and a mastodon? Learn about these and other creatures that lived during the Miocene period.


June 10, 11 and 12: Triassic Times (10th) , Jurassic Journey (11th) and Cretaceous Creatures (12th)

Join us to learn about a different time period each day, what the world may have looked like and the creatures that lived during that time.




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Annual Pass: $105 Regular Hours/$210 Extended Hours

*Covers all 7 dates

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