Senior Projects

Sturgeon City staff are happy to be a mentor for your senior project. Check out the information below.

Sturgeon City is an environmental education center. We run hands-on, science based programs here throughout the week as well as occasional Saturday's. In completing your project with us you will be doing the following activities:

  • Assisting with programming such as setting up, cleaning up and helping participants with activities.

  • Participating in site clean-ups

We are not able to provide research, lab work, or field experiences. Please see the contacts below for other opportunities.


If you are interested in completing your senior project with us, please fill out the registration form below.

If you are doing a project dealing with Water Quality and/or Stormwater of a natural watershed or the environment and want FIELD experience please contact Pat Donovan-Brandenburg, City of Jacksonville Stormwater Manager, at (910) 938-6446 or

Any projects dealing with fresh drinking water, aquifers, and water testing can be directed to Joseph Cram, City of Jacksonville Chief Water Plant Operator, at