Sturgeon City Academy

Due to COVID-19, local schools have decided on Plan B to attend school at 50% capacity with in person learning for two days and remote learning for three days. We will be holding sessions for a small group for the three days they will be doing remote learning. Below is some information regarding how we are planning to accept registrations and run the program. More specific information regarding the registration process is under the registration information.


For any questions, please email or call (910) 938-5079.

How many students will be accepted?

We are accepting 15 in each cohort (A and B) for a total of 30 students on Wednesday.

What ages are appropriate for these classes?

K-6th. We will have volunteer opportunities for our high school age students needing SAT hours.

Will my kids have time to do their remote learning with their class?

Yes. We will be here to make sure that your kids are in a safe, monitored environment while they are doing their remote learning on the computer with their teacher/class. Our Academy Instructors* will be in the room with the students to assist in any way needed.

What does Sturgeon City plan to do when the kids are done with remote learning?

We will provide hands-on activities, crafts, and games for students who are not actively working on remote learning assignments or in class with their teacher.

What does my child need to bring?

Students must bring their own snacks, lunch and water bottle. Students must also bring their own learning device and any school materials needed.

Can I register per week or for the year?

To ensure that we limit the exposure of students and our staff to new people and groups, please commit to your child attending for the whole school year when registering for this program. If you need to drop from the program, please notify us so that we can move someone up from the waitlist.

How will registration work?

We will be accepting registrations online ONLY for a specific period of time and then holding a lottery. This is to ensure that we are fair and non-discriminatory in accepting students into the program. There will be sibling preference in the lottery.

Will there be a waitlist?

Yes. Once the first 15 students for each cohort are accepted, the remaining registrants will be placed on a waitlist to fill any spots that come open throughout the school year.​

What about teacher workdays and holidays?

Our staff will follow the school calendar. If students are out of school for a teacher workday or holiday, they will also not be attending Sturgeon City. The days we are closed are as follows: September 7, November 11, November 25-27, December 21-January 4, January 18, March 29-April 5

What protocols will you be following?

We will be following the same protocols as Onslow County Schools. Students will be socially distanced and required to wear a mask. Breaks will be allowed per the schools guidance. To read more about these procedures please click the link below. StongSchoolsNC Public Health Toolkit

*Academy Instructors: Not all of our instructors will be NC licensed teachers. All instructors are background checked and drug tested and will meet all qualifications set by Sturgeon City's personnel committee.

General Information

Duration: 8am - 4pm daily

Cost: $54 per week (3 days of remote learning)

*You will be invoiced monthly

Teacher workdays and holidays will be taken into account and the price will be adjusted.


We will be holding a lottery in order to be fair and non-discriminatory as we only have 15 slots per cohort to fill. The timeline of when registration and acceptance will be released is as follows:

Registration Opens (online only): August 6th at 12pm

Registration Closes: August 13th at 8am

Please do not register without your correct cohort. Registration may be extended if cohorts have not been released by Monday. If you have registered for the wrong cohort you will forfeit your eligibility if chosen in the lottery.  

Should you like to be added to a waitlist, please call (910) 938-5079 or (910) 750-5876.


Lottery will be generated after registration closes using a random number generator.

Lottery Announced: August 13th by 5pm

Once notified, those offered a slot will have until 3pm August 13th to respond accepting or passing on the slot. If slots become available after this, then the waitlist will be notified and have until 12pm the next day to accept.

Virtual Orientation: August 13th at 7pm

This is for anyone who has been accepted into the program to have an opportunity to ask any necessary or previously unanswered questions.