Summer Field Trips

Choose from one of the many topics listed below. Don't see a topic you want? Let us know and we will customize a program just for your students! General information is listed below the topics.

There are many ways to help mother earth! We'll have fun while learning about the 3 R's, making recycled crafts and planting our own flowers!

Our Backyard
We will learn about all of the plants and animals that live around Sturgeon City. We will even go on a nature walk to  find them! Make sure to bring your observing eyes and listening ears for this fun-filled program.


Bugs and Reptiles

Students will learn about what an insect is and sounds they make. They will also learn about reptiles and meet a reptile that calls Sturgeon City home!

Super Shells
There are many animals that have shells. In this lesson we'll learn about some of those critters and get up close and personal with a super shelled friend of ours.

Plants and Pollinators
Why do bees like flowers? How does a plant eat? We'll find out the answers to these and more intriguing questions while playing fun pollination games!

Splashed and Soiled
Be prepared to get wet and dirty in this fun filled lesson about water and dirt!

All About Sturgeon City
Where does water go after it flows down the drain? What is conservation? You'll find out during this informative and exciting trip around Sturgeon City.

Life Cycles
Come learn all about the different life cycles of animals. You will even learn about one special animal to Sturgeon City: the oyster!

States of Matter
Do you know what matter is? What about its states? In this exciting, hands-on, and maybe a little messy program we will learn the answer to that and much more!

Water Quality
Do you know the steps of the water cycle? In this program, students will transform into a water droplet and move through the water cycle. We will also take samples of an aquatic ecosystem and learn what it is and what lives in it using a microscope!

STEM Challenge
Engineering and robots are all around us! In this program students will try their hand at making circuits and building!


Have an idea for a topic of your own? Let us know and we can customize a program around your topics. Please give a 3 week notice if you plan to do this.

General Information

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $6 per student

(Teachers are free)


Ready to Register?

1.  Check availability for the days you are interested in by checking the Sturgeon City Field Trip Calendar below.

Slot Open = available for a field trip for time listed  for slot (2-hour blocks)

Field Trip/Program Reserved = not available

2.  Fill out a Sturgeon City Registration Form using the PDF button below and submit it by email to of fax (910) 938-0053. Should you have issues with the file please contact the Program Coordinator.




As soon as your registration form is completed, a member of the Sturgeon City staff will contact you to confirm your booking.


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